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Welcome Notes From Director Of University Agriculture Park

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

As we know, the agricultural sector is important as a provider and guarantor of food security and jobs while generating revenue through exports and improve the country's economy. Accordingly, UPM supports the intention of the State by setting the fourth goal UPM towards strengthening agriculture.

In addition, UPM has developed theme-based agricultural university of Agriculture. Innovation. Life. Correspondingly, Garden Agricultural University (TPU) responded to the call with the committed support this goal by bringing together all the resources to ensure that this goal is achieved. In addition to encouraging citizens TPU enhance the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, especially the ability to create, innovate, generate and exploit new ideas and the use of technology and entrepreneurial skills.

In line with current technological advancements, the internet is an instrument that is crucial to convey information quickly. Through this website, TPU look forward to providing the latest information on agricultural facilities. Hopefully all the information shared in this website is expected to improve connectivity between the TPU with UPM and the general public.

Finally, I would like to thank to all who are willing to web portal University Agricultural Park.

Thanks Wassalamualaikum wbt


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