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The Miracle of the Senduduk Bulu

Clidemia hirta is native to South America. In Malaysia, it grows on the edges and lanes of forests, roadsides, residential areas and even agriculture. These plants are spread and can be grown through the seeds.

The leaves of this plant can be processed to become tea. Apart from that, the leaves are pounded to a pulp and can be applied to the scratched skin, scabies, bruises and ulcers. The leaves are pounded with certain ingredients and used to treat various skin problems.

The tannins in the hair follicles react by moving proteins. The tannins that enter the stomach can cause swelling or inflammation. Tannin also can reduces diarrhea in people. As an external remedy, tannins can stop bleeding, reduce swelling, heal wounds, and burns. Tannin can also help to relieve overly tired eyes. It is said that this plant is also good for goats who suffer from diarrhea, but if they eat too much leaves, they will cause poisoning later.


Source: Rumpai (Khasiat Ubatan & Makanan)

Date of Input: 24/11/2020 | Updated: 27/11/2020 | liliamira


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